Eric Sardinas Backstage

Backstage photos featuring Eric Sardinas & Big Motor with Viticus, take before the concert on april 10 at the Vorterix Theatre in Buenos Aires.

Eric Sardinas live photos

Eric Sardinas & Big Motor live photos at Buenos Aires, Argentina, on april 10 at the Vorterix Theatre.

Conciertos - Eric Sardinas

This is a brief story of a night of explosive Rock with Eric Sardinas & Big Motor. Look at the pics, videos, interviews and much more.

Entrevista a Viticus

We had the luck to interview Viticus before the concert that they would share with Eric Sardinas & Big Motor on april 10 at the Vorterix theatre. They talk about their next album, their fans, Eric Sardinas, Pappo, and much more.


We had the chance to interview Luciano Napolitano about Sardinas, Viticus, the love of the people for Pappo and the tribute to him that will record with Eric.

Videos de conciertos

We got to interview Eric Sardinas regarding his first concert in Argentina. He talks the local rock and blues audience.


Watch Eric Sardinas video message prior to his concert with Big Motor on april 10 in Buenos Aires and listen his tribute to Pappo.

Fotos de Eric Sardinas

Eric Sardinas photos taken while he was recording a cover of "El viejo" from Pappo with Luciano Napolitano at the vocals.